National Costume Ball/Fashion Show

This year's International Festival will feature a fashion show featuring international students wearing ethnic costumes.

Date and TimeNovember 5, 2023 (Sunday) 12:15-12:45
Locationoutdoor stage

Ethnic costumes are costumes worn by groups of people who are homogeneous in terms of race, language, history, religion, and culture. One of its characteristics is that it is universal; it refers to costumes that have been worn by the ethnic group for a long time, and for this reason, ethnic costumes are considered to be a symbol of identity.

In addition, ethnic costumes sometimes use materials and designs that are suitable for living in the region, and in some cases they reflect the history and lifestyle, or are derived from religious beliefs. Therefore, it is possible to guess what kind of region a person lives in just by looking at their ethnic costume. You can learn about the climate, customs, history of the tribe, or the roots of the family from the folk costumes.

Nowadays, people all over the world wear Western clothes as everyday clothes, and the idea and awareness of ethnic costumes may be waning. Still, there is a custom around the world of wearing ethnic costumes on special occasions, and people often wear ethnic costumes when entertaining important guests.

So, which countries will international students appear in this year's fashion show? As explained in ``What is a national costume?'', a national costume is a symbol of a nation's identity, and a means of learning about a country's climate, customs, and roots. While watching the fashion show, imagine the background of the international student. I would be happy if you could take some interest in the countries of origin of the international students on stage.