Welcome to International Festival 2024 !

"International Festival" is a school festival of Tokyo International University. It is also a place to interact with the general public, including those in the neighborhood, and is an event that introduces Tokyo International University to society at large. Please come to the International Festival to feel the atmosphere of our international campus. Look forward to welcoming you to our school !

Overview of the event

NameInternational Festival
Brand conceptWe are global citizens_ What we can do  Click here for details
ThemePortal to The New World
DateNovember 2th, 2024 (Sat) 10:00~17:00
November 3th, 2024 (Sun) 10:00~16:00
PlaceTokyo International University Kawagoe 1st Campus/
1-13-1 Matoba Kita, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Governing BodyTokyo International University School Festival Executive Committee

History of our school festival

Tokyo International University was founded in 1945 in Kasumigaseki on the Tobu Tojo Line (the school name at that time was International University of Commerce). In honor of Kasumigaseki, our university's school festival is known as the "Shukasai" and marks the 51st anniversary of the festival.
International exchange has been active at this university since its inception, and many international students are studying there. However, after the introduction of a curriculum that allows students to obtain a degree in English without going through Japanese, an increasing number of international students are enrolling. It became an environment like studying abroad in the Western world while staying in Japan. International students from more than 100 countries (regions) around the world are currently studying at our university, and international exchanges are taking place on campus on a daily basis. Based on such a global environment, in 2018 the name was changed to "International Festival" with the aim of holding a school festival unique to our university that is a little different from other universities. This year marks the 5th school festival, and the 56th in total.

Event information

You can view the stage event timetable and school festival venue map.

Unique performances unfolded on the special stage in front of the fountain, the auditorium, and the gymnasium.

Exhibition of seminar presentations and club results announcements. A workshop where you can experience the traditional culture and performing arts of various countries.

Eat and compare soul food from around the world. International students will showcase their home country's specialties.

This is a plan planned and managed by the school festival executive committee. We will prepare a fun project separate from other participating groups.

As one of our stage events, we invite unique guests every year.

News & Info

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