School festival information


We will post the official websites of other universities' school festivals held in 2024.

University nameKeio University Mita Campus                 
School festival nameMita Festival
Event dateNovember 21th(Thu) - 24th (Sun) ,2024
Official website
University nameTokyo Keizai University                   
School festival nameAoi Festival
Event dateNovember 2th (Sat) and 3th (Sun) ,2024
Official website
University nameTeikyo University of Science ,Tokyo West Campus        
School festival nameKadai Festival
Event dateOctober 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun) ,2024
Official website
University nameDokkyo University                     
School festival nameYuhi festival
Event dateNovember 1th (Fri) and 2th (Sat) ,2024
Official website
University nameShizuoka University                     
School festival nameShizudai Festival
Event dateNovember 1st (Fri) - 3rd (Sun) 2024
Official website
University nameThe University of Electro-Communications           
School festival nameChofu Festival
Event dateNovember 22(Fri)- November 24(Sun) 2024
Official website
University name                       
School festival name
Event date
Official website