This year, we will have food booths from 15 groups from 10 countries. Please take this opportunity to eat and drink from around the world. International students from our university will present their home country's proud dishes. If there is a dish that interests you, ask the student for the recipe. International students are more than happy to be interested in their home country.

Dishes that boast the taste of each country! It will end as soon as it is sold out.

4th (Sat)  10:00 〜 17:00
5th (Sun)  10:00 〜 16:00

(A) Area


This popcorn is typical of ESS, with an American-inspired pop! We offer four flavors: caramel, curry, honey butter, and salt!

Organization nameESS

② Nusantara

Indomie is an Indonesian instant noodle pioneer and one of the world's largest instant noodle manufacturers. In Indonesia, this instant ramen is often eaten when suddenly hungry at night.

Organization name:PPITIU

③ Sawasdee it's me,Thailand

We will introduce Thai drinks such as Butterfly Pea Tea, Thai Pink Milk, and Thai Tea.
In Thailand, known as a beauty powerhouse, herbal teas made with flowers are popular.

Organization nameSawasdee it's me,Thailand

④ Banh Mi Masterchef

Sweet, salty, juicy, crunchy.. These little bread magics are Vietnamese people's pride and love. Serve with Vietnamese iced coffee, they are the perfect combination for any meal of the day. Xin chao! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Organization name:Banh Mi Waddle

(B) Area

⑤ tiu rugby

Special French fries from Tokyo International University's muscular rugby club! It's macho, but it finishes with a crunchy aroma!

Organization name:Rugby club

⑥ Myanmar Family

Enjoy the flavors of Myanmar with Laphet Tamin, a famous and delicious dish. This Burmese specialty combines rice and fermented tea leaves, giving it a unique tangy flavor.

Organization name:Myanmar Family

⑦ Quirky AF

Hello everyone!!! Please come to our booth to savor the traditional flavor of Hanoi pho.

Organization nameQuán Bán Phở


"Pad Gapao" is probably the most popular dish in Thailand. Garlic, chili, and chicken stir-fried with Thai holy basil, its aroma is unparalleled.
Last year we sold over 200 and we guarantee the quality. Quantities are limited!"

Organization nameMade in Thailand

⑨ Photo Club Curry Udon

Curry udon is a popular Japanese dish. The combination of noodles and curry creates a flavorful dish.
In addition, the mini pancakes are small and cute, and you can enjoy their sweetness and fluffy texture, so please try them.

Organization name:Photo Club

(C) Area

⑩ Try & KOU~Our activity story~

This year, we will be selling sweets called jalebi and fries as "TRY&KOU"! You can enjoy the atmosphere from all over the world with dipping sauce! Please find your favorite sauce!

Organization name:Try & KOU

⑪ dolce!

Don't let me tell you it's outdated! Enjoy the school festival with sweet, soft, and adorable tapioca made with love by the brass band!

Organization name:wind orchestra

⑫ FoodSEA

Singapore's noodle dish ``Laksa'' is currently a hot topic. It's a spicy and mild coconut curry soup with rice noodles. We also offer mie goreng, a sweet and spicy fried noodles with a mild tomato flavor.

Organization nameFOOD Sea

⑬ Uzbekistan

Our team of 12 people will be attending the festival and we want to make the best food for people.

Organization name:Uzbekistan Youths


A homemade snack that my mom made for tea time. The snack is a Sri Lankan coconut milk crepe filled with honey and coconut crumbs. It goes great with Ceylon tea! !

Sri Lanka


Bringing flavors and love to unite, Cholo Bangladesh serves with delight!

Organization name:
Cholo Bangladesh

⑯ Café groove(Cafeteria 3 )

We offer a space where you can take a breather while feeling the groove of jazz. In addition to coffee, we also have drinks that children can enjoy.

Organization name:Cultural Federation Executive Department

Eating and drinking spaces in the school and garbage disposal

When eating and drinking, please use the designated eating and drinking spaces on the map.
After you have finished eating, please dispose of the container in the designated trash can. Please help us separate and collect garbage.