Would you like to create a school festival together? .

The theme for the 2023 school festival is "Hope at Dawn." We want the school festival to symbolize the revival of the world after the pandemic. We aim to celebrate the end of this tragic pandemic and restore international ties by holding various events that can be enjoyed by visitors both inside and outside the university.

We will realize a symbiotic society unique to an international university, and all people will cooperate to connect a healthy earth to future generations.

Would you like to understand the purpose of holding a school festival and create a school festival together? We are looking forward to your participation!

About application for participation

(A minimum of one stage participation)

We are looking for clubs, circles and groups on campus to perform on the school festival stage! The form of the performance is also free. Individual applications are also welcome. Let's make the best memories with us at the university festival! Please do not hesitate to apply!

(In principle, you will be asked to participate in the school festival period for 2 days)

We are looking for clubs, circles, and groups to show off your exhibition plans and workshops during the school festival! We look forward to your fun projects, such as seminar presentations on themes you are researching on a daily basis, presentations of results at clubs, introductions, exhibitions, and workshops of the traditional culture and performing arts of your hometown or home country. Please join us.

フードブース スリランカ

(In principle, you will be asked to participate in the school festival period for 2 days)

We are looking for clubs, circles, and groups to participate in the food and drink sales project at the tent booth on campus during the school festival! Please treat the many people who come to the school festival to the food of your hometown or country.

Participating group joint recruitment briefing session

We will hold a joint recruitment briefing session for the above three divisions as follows. If you are considering applying, please attend one of the 1 to 4 information sessions.

1st6/12 (Mon) 17:00~18:001st campus  321 roomConducted in Japanese
2nd 6/14(Wed) 12:30~13:001st campus  231 roomConducted in English
3rd6/21 (Wed) 17:00~18:001st campus  231 roomConducted in English
4th6/ 23 (Fri) 12:30~13:001st campus  321 roomConducted in Japanese
Application periodJune 12th (Monday) - June 30th (Friday)
How to applyInformation on how to apply will be provided at
the joint information session.
If you have difficulty participating, please contact
the school festival executive committee.

Flow of participation

Participating in a joint briefing session for participating organizations
First of all, please participate in the joint information session of the participating organizations and carefully check the contents of the rules for each event.
Apply using the application form
Please fill out the application form and apply.
Notification of document acceptance
After confirming the submitted documents, we will contact you to confirm receipt of the documents. If there are any deficiencies in the documents, we will contact you to that effect, so please correct them and resubmit them as soon as possible. We will contact you by email within a week, but if there is no response, please contact us.
Participating Organization Managers Liaison Conference (Distribution of required documents)
We will explain the detailed rules for each division and distribute the necessary documents to groups that have applied. Please be sure to participate if you are responsible for each organization.
Submission of a detailed plan
Applicants are required to submit a more detailed plan. Based on this proposal, we will create a program for the day and prepare documents to be submitted to public health centers and fire departments. Please submit by the specified deadline.
Participating Organization Managers Liaison Conference(Advance meeting)
Final confirmation of preparations up to the school festival and points to note on the day. Those responsible must attend.
Preparations for the day before the school festival, implementation of the school festival, cleanup after the event
Well, it's finally the day of the school festival. For the success of the school festival, let's put on the best performance, enjoy yourself, and entertain the visitors!