The Tokyo International University International Festival has been held every year without any major troubles, thanks to everyone's cooperation. We ask for your cooperation in observing the rules and manners and making this a fun school festival for everyone who will be attending this year!

Requests regarding your visit

The following rules have been established so that visitors can visit the school festival with peace of mind. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Visiting by car is strictly prohibited. We do not have a parking space.
  • Please refrain from parking at nearby facilities without permission or on the street
  • If you come by bicycle, please use the bicycle parking lot near the east gate. In addition, the number of bicycle parking lots is limited. Please use public transportation as much as possible when visiting.
  • Smoking and drinking are prohibited on campus. In addition, it is prohibited to bring in alcoholic beverages and to come to the venue under the influence of alcohol.
  • Roads around the university are also non-smoking areas. Please do not smoke anywhere other than where there is an ashtray, and do not litter your cigarette butts.
  • Please refrain from bringing pets. However, assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities (guide dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs) are excluded.
  • When breastfeeding, please use the infirmary on the 1st floor of Building No. 2.

≪Inquiries on the day of the school festival≫

On the day of the school festival, please ask the general information staff or the school festival executive committee wearing staff jumpers.


  • If you come by train:
    Get off at Kasumigaseki Station on the Tobu Tojo Line, about a 5-minute walk from the south exit
    JR Kawagoe Line Get off at Matoba Station About 13 minutes on foot
  • location:
    Kawagoe First Campus, 1-13-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

We are distributing the school festival information leaflet!

We are distributing flyers for International Festival 2023 for your reference. Please use the flyer and invite your friends and family to come along. Please note that pamphlets will be distributed at the reception on the day of the school festival.

To everyone in the neighborhood

We are planning live music and other events on the outdoor stage. On the day of the event, we may cause some inconvenience to the neighbors due to noise, etc., but we appreciate your understanding. Also, if you have time, I would appreciate it if you could take this opportunity to visit.

To all alumni

Last year, even though the coronavirus had not yet subsided, we were able to hold the school festival for the first time in three years while taking measures. In addition, all members of the executive committee are preparing to make this year even more exciting. Please come to the "International Festival" to feel the nostalgia that never changes and feel the wind of a new school festival.