Visit To "May International Festival" at The University of Tokyo

I am Manandhar Krijen and I am a member of the international festival committee. On the 14th of May, a few members from the international festival committees (Gakuensai) from TIU visited Tokyo University to observe the international festival.

The organizers were good because they had lots of visitors in almost every stall and compound of the university. Due to many visitors, the line in most stalls was too long which made the whole place look super busy. We were also confused with some of the lines to the stall. With all those crowded people, I think they had pretty good earnings. We also had a chance to buy a few foods and they tasted good. In the middle of the observation, we went to the cafeteria to have lunch. The cafeteria was crowded too and huge like a food court of malls, such as AEON, Ario, Ito Yotado, etc. The university also allowed visitors to drink alcohol with a permit (permit to drink if you are 20 or above). Some of the graduates from engineering majors exhibited (speaking both English & Japanese) many hardware and software inventions. Among those inventions, I was mostly obsessed with the futuristic AI device. The device is used to monitor the health of humans with wireless batteries for almost 24hrs. Some of the devices were as tiny as finger rings. Even though we had some activities that we were interested in, we didn’t get a chance to participate in, such as Lego, Magic tricks, Programming, VR & Robots.
Therefore, it was a great experience exploring a huge university.

Manandhar Krijen