We are looking for participating groups for the school festival!!

Announcement of recruitment briefing session for participating groups
Hello everyone!

This is from the School Festival Executive Committee.

We are looking for groups to participate in the International Festival in November, 2023.

The school festival is a special event in a student's life, and a place where many people gather and create beautiful memories. Let's create a wonderful school festival together!

 ・The participants who want to perform on stage
 ・The participants who want to set up stalls or food tents from different countries
 ・The participants who want to set up exhibits from Circles, Clubs and Sports Associations

Please join us at one of the following recruitment sessions for more information!

  Information Session

    Date : June 14th (Wed) / 21st (Wed)

    Time : 15:00 ~ 16:00 (same for both days)

    Location : Campus 1, Building 2, Room 231 (same for both days)