Advantages and Disadvantages of Living with Family

Hello! I’m Wan from Malaysia, and currently, a student studying Business Economics at Tokyo International University. I've been living in the hostel since I was 13. Even though living alone was my dream when I was a kid, and I’ve been living without my family for almost 8 years and still counting. I will still get homesick sometimes and hope to spend more time with my family.

Let me share my point of view about the pros of living with family~

First of all, living alone is super lonely and sometimes you just don’t know what you can do during your spare time like a holiday(if you are someone who doesn’t like to hang out much!). There are also times you really wanted to talk to someone, such as when you are not feeling well, struggling with deadlines, too stressed about class work, etc. If you’re living with your family, you could easily find someone to talk with or care for you. However, when living alone, even if you have lots of friends, they might not be able to talk to you or might not have the patience to consult or listen to you. On the other hand, you can talk to your family when you have questions, or have a fun time with your siblings, and family will always take care of you whenever you are facing problems or not feeling well.

Secondly, living with family could lighten the financial and living burdens. Living outside means you need to pay the rent, utilities, and expenses all by yourself. Nevertheless, you don’t need to pay for that while living with family. This could greatly reduce the extra expenses you use while living alone. Moreover, you don’t need to do all the household chores alone! The whole family could allocate those chores and you’ll be able to have more time compared to living alone.

Now, let's talk about the cons of living with family☹

One disadvantage is that you might need to be home by a specified time, especially for girls. If you are having too much fun with friends until late at night, your parents may worry and demand that you need to come home by a certain time. You would have the freedom to choose when to return home if you’re living alone.

Another disadvantage is that you may not develop an autonomous lifestyle. You might rely too much on your family for household chores, and it may be difficult for you to develop your housekeeping skills. If you always rely on your parents, it may become challenging to live alone when they are not around.

There are probably more advantages and disadvantages to living with family, but these are my thoughts based on my experience. Ultimately, the choice between living with family or living independently should be based on what brings the most fulfillment and harmony to your own life.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to the next post~