Make your hobby a part-time job!

Hello, I'm Futaba, a second-year student in the Department of International Relations.

In this staff blog, I would like to introduce my hobby is visiting cafes.

The reason I like cafes is because I've been working part-time at a crepe shop for two years in my hometown

I often go to cafes with my friends on holidays, looking for things that look good, cute, and delicious on Instagram.

My recommended cafes are ISLAND VINTAGE COFFE and TARTE & LOVE CAF É in Harajuku and Odaiba.

"ISLAND VINTAGE COFFE" is a cafe that originated in Hawaii and I have eaten it in Hawaii. The Acai Bowl here is especially famous. The fruit is very sweet, so I think anyone can eat it easily.

I went to the TARTE & LOVE CAF É restaurant during the Christmas season, so the tart cake looks like an instance with Santa and the tree design.

There are many cafes in the city, so I would like to go to all the places I care about among university students.

Please come to the crepe shop where I work part-time!!!!