New Hobby

Hello everyone. This is Konoka.  

In this staff blog, I would like to share with you my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing to do is to watch musicals. However, I have seen musical only once on May 21st.of this year. The first production I saw was Romeo and Juliet.  

The inspiration was Ms. Iroha Okuda from Nogizaka46. I think she is a rising star in the musical world, playing the lead role for the first time in her first musical performance. 

I do like Nogizaka46 and I’m a fan of Iroha Okuda. She is talented because she can play the guitar, fashion sense, acting ability and so on. Among them, I was so impressed by her clear singing voice in the musical, which was too wonderful. It was hard to believe that this musical was her first performance. I was impressed by the way she sang in the musical, which was different from the way she usually sings in live performances, and I realized the amount of passion and effort she puts into the stage. 

 It has been about three weeks since I saw a musical, but the musical fever has not died down, and I am still on my way to becoming a musical master, step by step, by watching musicals with my friends in my spare time.