My hobby

Hello, I'm Sho Kondo, the vice chairman. I became in charge of the blog this time. I would like to talk about my hobby.
 My hobby is driving a car. I've liked cars since I was young, and I used to go to a lot of places with my father. Now I have a license and go to various places on my own.
The view from the car has a different atmosphere!! I'm going to write about the scenery I went by car.

The photo I'm posting now is a picture of Yumoto Nikko City, Tochigi.

 I was quite tired after running 212 kilometers one way from home. There was a place with a speed limit of 120 kilometers on the highway on the way, and I tried to increase the speed, but the scenery looked very different.

 I think I had a good experience!!

The next picture is when I went to Mt. Fuji. The car is my grandfather's car!!
Everyone in my family is in a car from a manufacturer called Subaru.
 Mt. Fuji is a famous mountain and popular, but if you go a little to the back side, there are many places where there are few people. It's interesting that there are few people even in famous places. Especially Mt. Fuji is big, so there are many places like that. Please look for it!!

The last picture is a picture of the red brick warehouse in Yokohama.
 For the first time, I was quite nervous about the drive that I said only with myself and my friends without parents. I got on the Metropolitan Expressway by mistake (laughs) I couldn't stop sweating. Well, I arrived safely, but I was mentally exhausted. Moreover, I went there late at night, so there were a lot of cars like Yankee running. I feel like this is also an experience.

It will be a little hard at the end, but I don't think we should forget that the car can easily become a weapon that hurts things and people. I think everyone who saw this has a license for the first time and veterans. I'm still a beginner, but I want you to drive more carefully than usual when driving a car.