"School Festival Executive Committee" for fiscal year 2024 has finally started!

To all of you who are watching our staff blog! I'm YU-KI, and I'm the chairman of the 56th Tokyo International University School Festival Executive Committee. Nice to meet you. This year's school festival executive committee members have different levels of seriousness. In addition to boosting the International Festival, all the members are united and struggling every day to revitalize the university. Now that the whole world is back to square one due to COVID-19, we're working hard on small things, even though it's a start from scratch! I believe that if the campus gets excited, it will affect the whole city. My motto is that if I want to achieve something big, I have to work hard on building up small things, and I don't think I have to do anything more than do it to half-heatted. It must be realized with the goal of achieving 20,000 visitors this fiscal year. In order to do that, we need your cooperation! Please follow SNS and wait for information! We sincerely look forward to your visit to the venue. We look forward to your continued support.

YU-KI, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Tokyo International University School Festival