Win luxury items! _Stamp Rally

A digital stamp rally will be held at this year's International Festival. Anyone with a smartphone can participate. For detailed information, please see the pamphlet on the day that will be distributed at the reception tent at the university entrance. It’s easy to do! Please visit the booths of each organization organizing the International Festival and get stamps.
If you collect 4 stamps, you can try Garapon once.

Event period

Saturday, November 4, 2023 10:00 - Sunday, November 5, 2023 16:00
[Note] The lottery venue on the last day (5th) will close at 16:00, so please arrive early.

■Food booth
You can get one stamp per transaction at each booth. When you check out, the clerk will show you the QR code, so please register. We apologize for the inconvenience, but stamps are assigned to each booth (store), so no matter how many times you purchase from the same store, you will only receive one stamp.

■Indoor event
You can earn one stamp by visiting the exhibition booth (each classroom) holding the event. Please scan the QR code installed in each classroom to get the stamp.

■Stage event
Various performers are scheduled for stage events, but all stage events have one stamp in common.
After viewing the stage event, please tell the executive committee staff at the general information tent that you would like to receive a stage stamp. The staff will show you a QR code, so please scan it.
In addition to the stamps, we will also hold a popularity vote to determine which stage was the best. A voting sheet is available in the general information tent, so please vote for the performing group(s) that you think is the best.

■Photo booth
A photo booth will be set up at one location within the university. Take a photo at the photo booth and post it on your Instagram. You can earn one stamp by showing your Instagram etc. to the executive committee staff at the general information tent.

Lottery venue and prizes

〈Lottery venue〉
The lottery will be held at the general information tent. If you spin the Garapon and get a winning ball, you will receive the corresponding prize.
You can spin the Garapon once for every 4 stamps. The more you visit the booths, the higher your chances of winning a prize, so please try to visit as many booths as possible.

We are also considering awarding awards within the university to groups that receive a large number of visitors, so your participation will help each group. We hope that you will actively visit each booth and support our students.
[Note] The lottery venue on the last day (5th) will close at 16:00, so please arrive early.

The following prizes will be given away in a lottery.

1st prize (1 person each day)

JTB travel ticket ¥10,000

2nd prize (1 person each day)

Matsusaka beef grilled meat 500g

3rd prize (1 person each day)

2 boiled hairy crabs from Hokkaido

4th prize (10 people each day)

Amazon gift card ¥500

※ The photograph is an image.