Public viewing - All-Japan University Ekiden support event held (participant recruitment)

On Sunday, November 5, 2023, our university's relay race club will participate in the Chichibunomiya Cup 55th All-Japan Collegiate Ekiden vs. School Championships (the 5th time in a row of 5 tournaments).
The schedule for the All-Japan University Ekiden is set on the first Sunday of November every year, so it overlaps with the International Festival schedule every year. Therefore, the power of the university is divided into two. If so, why not include the All-Japan University Ekiden in your international festival! So, this year we will do a public viewing. School festivals are important, and so is cheering for relay races. Let's unite and support the Ekiden during the university festival!

The All-Japan University Ekiden 2023 will be competed by a total of 27 schools: 8 seed schools + 17 regional school federation representatives (teams that won the selection competition in 8 districts nationwide) and 2 open participating schools.
The seed schools will be the top 8 teams in the 2022 tournament, but unfortunately our university came in 11th place in last year's tournament (2021 = 5th place), so this year we will start from the Kanto region qualifying round (7 schools available).【List of schools participating in the main tournament

The Kanto region qualifying round was held at Sagamihara Gion Stadium (Kanagawa) from 17:30 on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Our university passed in 4th place and earned the right to participate in the All-Japan University Ekiden.

127:59.45アモス ベット1
30 29:35.27村松 敬哲4
1930:03.97 森  春樹2
730:08.53白井 勇佑3
730:12.35生田 琉海4
2730:32.80山岸 柊斗3
【Notable new student】
AMOS BETT (アモス ベット)
①Alma mater/province: St. Peter's Itendi Kenya ②5000mPB  : 13'20"40 ③career high : World Indoor Tour Madrid2023 3000m winner④Hobby: Running ⑤4-year goal: Update personal bests in all events!
【Notable new student】
RICHARD ETIR (リチャード・エティーリ)
①Alma mater/prefecture: Sil Kenya②5000mPB  : 13'15"87 ③career high: Being able to join the relay race club at Tokyo International University ④ Hobby: Running⑤4-year goal: Set a new record in every tournament I participate in

Well, our university has won the qualifying round, but the qualifying round for the favorite Hakone Ekiden will be held on October 14th. I think the Ekiden club is focusing on that first and working hard (I am writing this article before the Hakone Ekiden preliminaries). Three weeks later is the All-Japan University Ekiden. No, it's tough. I think it will be difficult for the Hakone Ekiden qualifying group to adjust for this tournament, but I hope they will do their best.

Once again, the course of the All Japan University Ekiden is 106.8km in eight sections, starting at Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and finishing at Ise Shrine in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. It is one of the three major student ekidens, along with the Izumo Ekiden in October and the Hakone Ekiden in January, but it is also held in November just before the Hakone Ekiden, which is considered the pinnacle of student ekidens, so you can predict the winner of the Hakone Ekiden. It's a tournament you don't want to miss. As mentioned above, our school will be racing under a tough schedule, but the athletes are doing their best, so let's all come together and support them!

8:10 (start)







13:16 (estimated arrival)
Source: From official website

The school festival starts at 10am, which is later than the start time of the All-Japan University Ekiden, but if you are worried about the match results and can't go to the school festival, don't worry! You can also watch the match live at the public viewing venue at the school festival venue.

At the venue, the school festival executive committee will collect and display information that is not normally available for viewing, such as information on the Ekiden club members, photos of practice scenes, and the Hakone Ekiden preliminaries. We will also have a board where everyone can send messages of support to the Ekiden club. Even after the broadcast time for the All-Japan University Ekiden, there will be a display of support in the classroom, so please stop by.

Event date/timeNovember 5, 2023 (Sun)
∇Public viewing10:00~13:40(Game starts at 8:05)
∇Ekiden Club Support Exhibition10:00~17:00
LocationTokyo International University Kawagoe 1st Campus Rooms 231 and 232
※On the day of the event, there will also be an exhibition to support the Ekiden club in Classroom 232.