Café hopping

Hello everyone!

I’m Airi Kubowaki.! I’m a second year. My major is economics student.

At the committee, I work in the PR department.

The regular exam is coming up, so it must be hard to study for the test and write a report 💦

I have so many reports that I feel like I'm going to cry too,

I went to a cafe with my friends the other day because I needed to relax occasionally!

My friend is I had met while studying abroad and I've been close since I came back to Japan."

There are two cafes we visited this time☕️🍰

The first one is La Maison ensoleille table Shinjuku.

I love Mont Blanc, so I was attracted to Mont Blanc in this restaurant.

It goes well with the chocolate sauce, and it was delicious.

The second one is the jones cafe | It's Bar.

This was a cafe in the hotel, so the atmosphere was great.

The croffle looked very delicious, but I had a sprinkle cake that looked very cute😋

I had a great time eating delicious cake and talking to my friends a lot.

By the way, I was satisfied with eating Mac potatoes at the end because I had a series of sweets!!

These were a very nice restaurants, so please go there!