The restaurant recommended by the vice chairman!

Hello, I am Yamashita Masahiro, vice chairman. Please call me Masa. I'm a second-year student in the Department of International Relations. I was thinking about what to write about, but I love eating, so I'm going to write about gourmet food.

The first one is "Don"! Seafood rice bowl! The seafood rice bowl in the photo is in the Sunshine right in front of Ikebukuro C. Tsukiji Shokudo "Gen-chan." It's an izakaya at night, but it's a seafood bowl restaurant for lunch, so even those who can't drink can enjoy it (^^) It's volume max and cheap! So please enjoy the elegant taste (^^)!

The second one is ramen! The "Sakato family" is a family in Sakato City, Saitama Prefecture, my hometown! It's a good match, and I really want you to go there at least once. "The second store opened in front of Kasumigaseki Station, the nearest station to Kawagoe C, so please call me if you want to go.

The third is takoyaki! This is a long-established shop called "Kukuru" in Dotonbori, Osaka.I think people who have been to Osaka for gourmet food have definitely tried it. I like salt toppings stably (^^) Also, the yakisoba here on the 4th sheet is really delicious, so try it!When it's finished, the shopkeeper is shouting the number, so don't miss it.

Last one! Excellent omelet rice!It's an ESPRESSOD' WORKS yellow shop in Shibuya!The omelet rice here is just so fluffy that it breaks an egg right in front of you!The seats are sofa seats, friends, couples and family, etc., and this restaurant doesn't come out much on the Internet, and it's like a hiding place underground, so anyone can come regardless of the situation, so it's delicious (^^)

We still have more restaurants to recommend, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested, want to share, or want to talk to us! English is also okayyy!!! That's all Masahiro has sent! Please look forward to the next blog!!