Thoughts on school festivals


Name Suzuka (pen name)
Affiliation Department of Language and Communication 2nd year
Hobby Listening to music
watching anime
    Eating delicious food
    Going to singers' live performances

When I entered university, events were restricted to some extent, but we were able to hold a school festival for the first time in three years. The school festival hadn't been held for a long time, so we went through trial and error and learned a lot along the way. I decided to join the school festival executive committee because I wanted to do something that would entertain everyone. We decided on the theme of the school festival, recruited groups to perform, and proceeded with preparations in a limited amount of time, and finally we were able to hold it.

I believe that this year the restrictions will be eased and more people will come.

I've been active for about a year, and I've learned a lot of things, such as the fact that I need a lot of ability to run an event, and the difficulty of gathering everyone's opinions.

As the school year begins, new members will work to make this year's school festival even better. Please look forward to the members' blogs in the future.